Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easter weekend....finally posting!

We had a great Easter weekend and I am finally blogging about it! We colored eggs, the boys got spoiled...we were all was great! Bear with me...there are a lot of pictures! The boys hunting for eggs!Their balls from Grandma!Their Easter baskets! New sunday outfits, with matching socks!

The boys got kites for Easter and it was the perfect day to fly kites! Kason would hold on for awhile and then just let we had to chase the kite before it flew away!


Kim said...

What a lot of fun you had. Isn't it funny that kids don't realize they have to hold on to the kite. I think they get a little mesmerized by it. I should have bought Kenna a kite. Oh, well! It was fun seeing your family pic too! Sweet Family!

Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

nothing better then flying kites together! THe boys look so ute in their easter vests. Ah, I love a home grown easter.

justin said...

I love the faces that both Kooper and kason are making while flying the kite...totally priceless!! Gotta love em!!