Sunday, October 26, 2008

My little patient!!!

Kody has been on oxygen now for a couple of weeks. He is sleeping so much better. For those that don't know, we found out that Kody has sleep apnea, because his airway through his nose is closing off at night and he was getting under 80% of his oxygen at night which was not allowing him to get REM sleep. He sleeps so much better now, even with the noisy machine that we put all the way downstairs so we can't hear it, as much. I used to joke around and call him my "little chemo patient", because of his shaved head and the oxygen, but my niece used the same joke on his facebook and we gave the wrong idea to some friends. We don't make that joke anymore around other people. I think he looks cute with his oxygen...but he wasn't loving me taking these pictures so much!

Crazy attempt at huge family picture...

Today was my cousin Mitch's Farewell. He is going to the Ventura, California Mission. He is leaving Wednesday and he'll be a wonderful missionary. We attempted a huge Giles Family picture and these are the results. We had multiple camera's taking pictures, so hopefully one photo works....all I know is Kason will be bawling in every one of them because he was hating picture time.

My Grandma wanted individual family pictures (her kid's families). So we tried this one too, hopefully we can find one that we have everyone looking forward...or else we might have to use photo shop to merge some photo's (We have to photo shop my sisters husband in anyway, he was saving their dying horse.)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I didn't know that I had Adopted...

Apparently I am now the proud mother of a stuffed animal named "Bear". Bear goes everywhere with us. He has to be buckled in the car, he can not be left in the car, because it will get too hot and he will die, and he has to eat with the family. We do not go anywhere (except Kooper has to go to school without him) without Bear. If Kooper has something, Bear has to have one too. Bear even has his own blanket and pillow on the floor if Kooper decides not to sleep with Bear in his bed. I don't know how long this will last but, Bear is now a King!

Friday, October 10, 2008

"I'm a mean old with with a hat"

At preschool Kooper has been learning the song, "I'm a mean old witch with a hat" (some of you might remember it from grade school). We were hanging out in my parents front room and Kason picked up the witch's hat and decided to put it on.

Then Kooper had to put the other one on.

Then ,of course, because mom wanted pictures, Kason started taking the hat off.

We finally ended up with this picture and then Grandma came in and played the piano so Kooper could sing the song with the hat on.....too cute!

Kooper's Itty Bitty Basketball!

My Friends Twins!

These are my friends twins, Megan & Marley, I watched them for her Tuesday. Surprisingly, these two are quite easy to take care of, but I give all the props to Katherine, she is so organized with them and has the mom thing down!!!

Happy Birthday to my MOMMY!!!----Oct 8....52!

Happy Birthday Mom...we thought this was interesting, Mom is 52 and I am 25!!!

Quick pic with my hubby....we aren't very good with our big camera taking shots by ourselves! (hence Kody's face half cut off)

My Dad and Kason...look at the adorable grin on Kason's face!!!

My present I made for my conference weekend project!

Happy Birthday Mom. We had fun at the party!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Poor Kody!!!

Lately Kody has had to "lay low"...poor thing has mono.....well of course my side started to hurt also (where my spleen is)so at my last doctors appointment they felt my spleen and said I have an enlarged spleen and I most likely have mono too (go figure the kissing disease). They sent me for a blood test to check, I got the results back today and it's negative, so either I had it and the after affects are happening or I have something else, which is freaking me out. But in the meantime, Kody and I are enjoying some "down time" and catching up on the seasons of "House", we just finished the 3rd and are starting the 4th tonight and will hopefully be able to finish it and start watching the current season. I will say even if I did or did not have mono the catching up on our shows has been fun and nice to relax with my hubby......30 hours of remaining space on the DVR a new record low....we lately have had to delete old stuff so our new stuff could record.

Night out with the Gals!

Thursday me and 5 friends of mine: Joli, Jen, Katherine, Melissa & Jenny all went to see "Nights in Rodanthe", the 10:00 showing. There were mixed reviews from all, some liked, some not so much and we all were mad at the ending....But we sure had a blast together!!!

Well, we attempted a funny picture at first, and only two cooperated.....Joli and Jenny, the rest of us poo-pooed out.....then we all did it again and got a good funny one to Jenny's request!

What a fun bunch of gals, can't wait to hang out again!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Then!!!!! I like the matches better then NOW's

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Family origins - Black and white photographs

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage


MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

Cheesy I know.....but I love matching jammies!

So I just love putting my boys in matching jammies. I think they look so cute when they are matching!

Kason has become my big cheeser!!! He always looks at the camera and says "cheeeeeeeeeeeeese"!

I Caught Ya!!!!!

So I asked Kody to come help me with something and he told me "just a minute"....well I found him in Kooper's room playing Kooper's Leapster. What I needed him for had to wait for a preschool game.......But it was way cute how Kason was sitting on him, I missed it a little though, before I took the pic he was sitting right on his shoulder with his arm around Kody's head.

Kris & Brit's baby (Walker)

My newest Nephew!!! I was so excited when I found out that Kris(Kody's brother) & Brit were finally having a boy. He is so cute and was born on Labor day......and Brit's brother & sister-in-law had a girl on the same day!!!
So of course I had to make a quilt. The coloring didn't turn out nice in the picture....that orange looking color is supposed to be tan....but it does enough for what it did look like!

They have two we are hoping the same luck (just the opposite situation)happens with us when we ever decide try to get a girl.

My Addiction......Quilting....thinking of starting FA (Fabric Anonymous)

So my friend Jamie posts her quilts that she finishes, I thought I would post my latest ones. This one is my very favorite, I just finished it about a month ago. I had been working on it since March!!! I am so glad it's done...but it sure was fun doing it!!! Kody loves this one and wants to use it because it reminds him of his Grandma's quilt because it's so heavy....but it took too long and cost too much to let him use it, so I'm being selfish and it's hanging over my banister! My very favorite thing about this one is the little bonus quilt that was made with the scraps from the snowballs in the quilt!

This one I bought a kit from Jackie Thompson (amazing quilter). It was one that the ward did for an enrichment mini-class...while I was on bed rest with Kason, and I really wanted to do it. So she had an extra and I took it home and finished the top in about a week. The quilting and binding took a little longer, but I love this one and I customized the bottom...which you can't see in this picture to say Kings, est., 2001! I changed some of the background colors and word colors to my liking. I am so proud of this one and if hangs off my shelf over the stairs. My favorite part of this one was the blanket stitching on my machine around everything........that took a little bit!

This one I have had finished for a while...but I just love the colors!!! Man I need a girl!!!