Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Robinson Christmas Party!

I have lots of things to post, so I guess I'll post a few things a day since I haven't posted again for awhile. These are from our Robinson Christmas Party that was on Dec. 9th. Our favorite part of our party is the white elephant gifts, we seem to come up with a few good ones as a family....this year seemed to be a lot of "Christmas Story" things.....like the leg lamp...I didn't get a good pic of one :( That is my old nasty hair brush that Kody made into a "Redneck Rockband Microphone"

Kason got bored of what everyone else was doing and I found him here behind the tree playing with Dominoes!

Cousin gift exchange, Kooper gave Heston a tool set he seemed to like it and so did Paige behind him.

Kooper's gift from Heston....Chutes and Ladders...behind that paper!

B-I-N-G-O!!! They kids love Grandma's Christmas Bingo!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's about time I posted!!!

Sorry to anyone that likes to keep up on our blog...I have not posted forever, so I am finally posting our Thanksgiving weekend fun!
Kooper coloring after dinner...I didn't get any photos of us eating.
Grandpa and his buddy...
Kason all tuckered out!
Playing in the dirt at Grandma King's!
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we were in Mt. Pleasant at Kody's parents house and went to a fun "Main Street Lighting" that they have in town. They have a count down and turn on the lights all down Main Street. They had little game booths and a toy drawing at the end and Kooper won the game "Don't break the Ice". He loves it, the funny thing is, I remember playing it when I was little when it first came out....here are a few pictures of the fun evening....

Kason did not want to be on Santa's lap!

They had hay rides behind tractors too....it was lots of fun and we were excited that Leah could come have fun with us!