Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Robinson Christmas Party!

I have lots of things to post, so I guess I'll post a few things a day since I haven't posted again for awhile. These are from our Robinson Christmas Party that was on Dec. 9th. Our favorite part of our party is the white elephant gifts, we seem to come up with a few good ones as a family....this year seemed to be a lot of "Christmas Story" things.....like the leg lamp...I didn't get a good pic of one :( That is my old nasty hair brush that Kody made into a "Redneck Rockband Microphone"

Kason got bored of what everyone else was doing and I found him here behind the tree playing with Dominoes!

Cousin gift exchange, Kooper gave Heston a tool set he seemed to like it and so did Paige behind him.

Kooper's gift from Heston....Chutes and Ladders...behind that paper!

B-I-N-G-O!!! They kids love Grandma's Christmas Bingo!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's about time I posted!!!

Sorry to anyone that likes to keep up on our blog...I have not posted forever, so I am finally posting our Thanksgiving weekend fun!
Kooper coloring after dinner...I didn't get any photos of us eating.
Grandpa and his buddy...
Kason all tuckered out!
Playing in the dirt at Grandma King's!
The Saturday after Thanksgiving we were in Mt. Pleasant at Kody's parents house and went to a fun "Main Street Lighting" that they have in town. They have a count down and turn on the lights all down Main Street. They had little game booths and a toy drawing at the end and Kooper won the game "Don't break the Ice". He loves it, the funny thing is, I remember playing it when I was little when it first came out....here are a few pictures of the fun evening....

Kason did not want to be on Santa's lap!

They had hay rides behind tractors too....it was lots of fun and we were excited that Leah could come have fun with us!

Friday, November 21, 2008

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Just Breathe!!!

I finally feel like I can take a deep breath....well at least after Saturday morning! This has been my month:Nov 1-I did 21 mini-albums for a Super Saturday, Nov 7 & 8- vendor for Close to my Heart at an overnight scrapbook thing, Nov 11- my turn to host the scrapbook group at my house ( had to get 10 2-page layouts ready for the ladies to put together), Nov 13- Enrichment mini-class at my house (47 mini-books, pre-cut by me....and some help from Katherine & Arianne...thank you!...and thank you to Jenny for helping me that night!) , Nov 20-make-up mini class at my house (some of the 47 books, and again thanks Jenny for your HELP!), and then last but not least Nov 22- another Super Saturday...only a couple of books for this one.............and then I breathe, go see Twilight on Saturday night and enjoy my Thanksgiving week letting others cook for me and my family and down to Kody's Parents to enjoy BREATHING normally and relaxing and passing out from paper cutting exhaustion!!! Glad to be done...but enjoyed seeing other people happy with the project!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random 7

I was tagged by my cousin Annie to write seven random things about myself so here it comes!
1. I always have cold feet when I go to bed. It doesn't matter if I had socks on before climbing into to bed or whether it's summer or winter, my feet are ice cold. Kody has the pleasure of me putting my cold feet right on his legs and me saying "my feet are cold, warm them up". He's a good sport about it!
2. I can't stand characters on little kids' shoes. I, for the longest time would not let Kooper have any kind of character on his shoes, I think they are so cheesy...sorry to anyone that has them for their kids, I just hate them. Kooper came home from Grandma King's one weekend and he was wearing Lightning McQueen shoes....I was livid! They are all he wants to wear now and I will bribe him with all sorts of things to get him to put any of his other shoes on.
3. I am a pack rat! I have the hardest time throwing anything away, I get this from my dad I know. I think, I'll use that again, or someone else might need that. When I finally do get rid of something, I need it weeks or even days later.
4. I, just like Annie, hate open cabinets and drawers and lights left on in a room that no one is in. I walk around to rooms shutting doors, cabinets, drawers and lights off, I even have to get after my husband for most of it!
5.I let Kason eat whatever he wants, I just care that he IS eating. If he wants a cookie for breakfast, I give in and let him have it, because the poor kid could put on a pound or two. I am so bad, I do try to offer good foods, but when he'll eat, I just let him eat.
6. I am obsessive compulsive when it comes to crayons or markers being put away in rainbow order. I know it sounds totally silly, but I find myself fixing Koopers markers to be perfect. I do the same kind of thing with my cash, they all have to face the same way. I know, I have issues.
7. I love salty treats. You give me the choice between cake or popcorn, I'll choose popcorn everytime. I also really love potato chips....so I rarely buy them...because I WILL EAT THEM! I've had to cut back on salt ever since I was pregnant with Kason, I had seriously high blood pressure with him and I am still struggling with it now....so everything is low sodium for me.

I tag, Jenny, Amy, & Katrina

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Husband Tag!!!

My friend Sam just did one about her husband and I have seen many others do it, so I am finally doing it....here it goes. Kody!
#1 Where did you meet your husband? On a blind date set up by his brother.
#2 How long did you date before you were married? 4 months #3 How long have you been married? A little over 7 amazing years!

#4 What does he do that suprises you? He always seems to call me out of the blue(at least for him) when I am having a bad day or moment. He will randomly bring my flower(s) just because it's "Tuesday". He plans these really extravagant dates for Mothers Day or my Birthday. He always buys me a fun present and makes a theme out of it and has a cake made to match the theme! (My ipod cake) #5 What is your favorite feature of his? His broad shoulders and his athletic jaw, plus his smile that brightens my day. #6 What is your favorite quality? He is my best friend, and when I am blowing up he is totally calm and waits for me to finish being crazy mad. He listens to me and will go see "chick flicks" with me. He is an amazing provider for our family, even when it seems like we don't know what's going to happen next, he works hard and finds a way to fix it and get us back on our feet! He is a great father!
#7 Does he have any nicknames for you? I don't know if it's appropriate to blog this one, if you really want to know ask me by phone or email. He also has the generic ones but mostly Sweetie, or Hot Mama.
#8 What is his favorite food? Chinese, when I make it, won tons especially. But we do have a few places that we love to go to like: Carrabba's, P.F. Changs ,Tepanyaki's, Yapona and Chili's. He also loves a few fast food places like: Barbacoa, Taco Amigo, and Wendy's. He's pretty easy to please with food. #9 What is his favorite sport? Basketball. He played varsity all 4 years and he was all-state and had a scholarship to Weber State, but on his mission he blew out his knee and when he came home is scholarship was gone. He also love to play golf. We watch a little bit of basketball and football, but he would rather play sports than watch them.
#10 When and where did you first kiss? On our 2nd date, I was sitting on the edge of his bed at his apartment while he changed(just his sweater) to go to my Grandma Giles Easter party and he came and sat next to me, lightly pushed me back on the bed and kissed me...he was trying to be sly it was so cute! #11 What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love to go on dates together mostly to dinner and a movie. If the kids are at Grandma's for the weekend then we will do doubler header movie. We love to do anything that we can spend time together. We also love to sit and watch all of our DVR shows, couch cuddle time. #12 Do you have any kids? Yes, 2 wonderful boys, Kooper almost 5 and Kason almost 2.
#13 Does he have any hidden talents? He is an amazing artist. He originally was going to go into graphic design.
#14 How old is he? 28, almost 29.
#15 Who said "I love you" first? He says that he did, it was at the end of our second official date and we were at his apartment talking and we could see the Jordan River temple from his window and that's when he told me he loved me and I said it right back. We knew we were going to get married after that night ( I knew before that, but I didn't want to freak him out after only being together a few times. )
#16 Whats his favorite music? Mostly rap and rock....some heavy metal.
#17 What do you admire most about him? His hard work, when he puts his mind to something he gets it done. He has made it possible for me to be a stay-at-home mom.
#18 What is his favorite past time? He always talks about the cattle ranch and swathing hay. One thing he says he misses is following the swather and catching the mice that would scatter from the swather going across the field. He even talks about loving and missing branding cattle.
I tag anyone that wants to take a few minutes to remember why you fell in love with your husband and why you continue to love him!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Voted!!!

Kody and I took turns watching the kids so we could go and vote yesterday!
While I was there I ran into my friend Jenny and she had a camera so we decided to take pictures of each other since neither of us had voted at the general election before (sad to admit)!

Look at that good little citizen doing her duty!

So proud of myself....what a dork I am!Jenny so happy to finally have voted!It was so fun to run into her and have this historical Kodak moment, luv ya Jen, thanks for making voting fun!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Photos

My cute little dimpled cowboy!
Stick em' up!My little Indian brave! And Ryan acting true to his costume(Tigger)!He looks like he smoked the peace pipe! ha ha LOL
Daddy and his little Indian!
What a good sport to wear the hair!Ryan's(my brother) kids and Mine! Even my Dad joins in on the fun....even though he scared that crap out of Kason!
My little trick-or-treaters.
Eating treats already!Caught in the act!