Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Kason!

My baby boy is now 2! Kason turned 2 on Saturday! He LOVES SpongeBob, so we had to do a SpongeBob themed party! I am so proud of this cake. Kody and I took 2 hours to frost it!!! We think it turned out awesome! I wouldn't let anyone eat it that day, so everyone else had cupcakes....we finally did cut into and eat it on Sunday....but it was started from two little boys hands digging into the side of his arm. Kason wouldn't blow out the candles...we tried several times...so I finally blew it out for him!
Him and his presents.....really, could we get a smile!Some of my neices and nephews...and of course Kooper!
The pinata.....after it came open....Kody of course helping the chaos!
I thought I'd put in these pictures of Kason in the NICU, wow how far he has come! My Sweet baby while in the NICU with the c-pap just hours after his birth.
This one is a couple of days later just with his leads on ...I think this was right after a bath.
To my sweet Kason, oh how we prayed for you and why we named you Kason...your name means "protected" and we knew you would be! As hard as that time was, I thank my Heavenly Father for it and for your strength and the precious week I spent with just me and you! That bonding time meant so much to me. Oh Kason, we know that you are strong and can see to this day, how the personality you have, had to be there from the beginning. We love you choncho! Happy 2nd Birthday!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Christmas Photos and Fun....

...since I'm a slacker here is a few more fun Christmas things we did...gingerbread houses!!! We went up to Kody's sisters' house this year (in mid-december), last year we did them at our house...we started a new tradition with them. They were so much fun....but the kids got bored fast, so it became gingerbread houses for the adults.

And then our annual Giles family Christmas party that is on Dec. 23rd every year! My cute boys were such good sports for the nativity! My cute two little wisemen!The production......this is my Grandma's favorite part of the night....it is so cute to see my kids and nieces and nephews in the places where me, my siblings and cousins once were!Just threw this one in cause I thought it was cute of my boys in there sweaters at the party!