Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Better Late than Never!

Kooper's Kindergarten assessment and First day of School!

walking in to meet his new teacher

Doing his assessment with Mrs. Reiber

checking out his cubby!

Posing for the first day....ready to go!

Kason had to be a part of brothers first day!

Walking in to the classroom!

Found where his backpack goes!

My seat!

Pick up from the first day of school....."I loved it mom, it was kinda long though".
Kooper just loves school....I love seeing how excited he gets to go and how excited he is to show me what he has done when he gets home!


Super Angie Waibel Miske said...

great pictures. Its so exciting...first day of school! :)

Amy said...

Yeah, you updated girl, good job! Keep it up okay. And it was SOOOO good to hang out last night, in fact I saw your dad today and said that we did and that I just love ya, you're so much fun. See you next week okay.

Thanks for your stamps by the way.

Taufer Family said...

Kooper looks so cute on his first day!! haha I loved how Kason had to be by BIG BROTHER in the picture! A also loved the "it was kinda long though" hahaha gotta love Kooper! :)