Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend project!

This weekend my sister blessed her baby boy, Peyton, and my first official day started at Just Sew on I had the idea of making one of these darling car seat covers that I have seen everywhere lately. I figured out the pattern (was so proud of myself) and bought the fabric and took it out to Stacey's house and made it Saturday so he could have it Sunday for his blessing. I found out after I was done that it matched his diaper bag perfectly! I showed Jenny the pictures when I got home of the one I made and she decided she had to make one for her new we went to Just Sew together and picked out the fabric....then she came over today and I let her use my machine so she could do a cute edge on it and I helped her with the "pattern". Her pictures are at the bottom! Hers has a nice girly touch....would love to make a girly one for myself one day!

Fond farewell to a friend of 15 years!

A couple Saturdays ago my good friend died......My has been the best one I have ever serioiusly lasted about 15 years...the longest lasting blowdryer I have ever known. It was there for me for dates, my wedding, and many other important days, through curly and straight, short and was seriously a sad day when it didn't run anymore...I almost cried! So heres to you Blowdryer....I have found a replacement...but it will never measure up.